This is a delightful book, showcasing the interaction between various animals in the forest. The author writes a note about the dialogue between Owl and Bushbaby, explaining that is has elements of the traditional Zulu greetings, embodying the concept of ubuntu, sharing and connecting.

The illustrations by Heidi-Kate Greeff is exceptionally well done and will definately capture the imagination and attention of young readers. The author, Avril van der Merwe, currently living in Seattle, has roots in Africa and has written numerous children’s stories featuring African animals.

I loved the way in which each animal tried a different approach when trying to coax Bushbaby out of his hollow, and owl watching from his spot in the tree. The understanding relationship between owl and Bushbaby is really touching.

A good option for young English first language readers who are already past elementary reading, and for younger children who will gladly listen and enjoy the colourful illustrations.