In my opinion, possibly the worst phenomenon of this century, was the instituting of the call centre. Companies have managed to set up an impenetrable barrier between the public and their own inefficiencies. I am convinced that most people who have gone a couple of rounds with a call centre, will agree wholeheartedly.

A close second, is the birth of the telemarketer. I might just be unlucky, but the majority of telemarketers that I have dealt with, has been extremely frustrating, often downright infuriating.

It has been insinuated that I actually do not know what I need; that I have not given thought to retirement at all; that I am bound to incur medical expenses that I have not provided for; and the most popular one: that I am in desperate need of a second cellphone contract. Of course, I have on numerous occasions “won” fantastic prizes, provided that I turn up at a presentation at some ridiculous hour, to accept my “prize”, and “no ‘mam, it is definitely not timeshare.”

Having said that, a certain Winston, selling for the Three Cities Hotel group comes to mind. Hats off to him! Graciously accepted that I do not make financial decisions without consulting my spouse, offered to call again after three days, and was spot on with his follow up. Accepted my declining the offer without becoming offensive, merely politely asking what motivated the answer.

Give the man a bonus, he deserves it. Or better yet, offer him a position at one of the training institutions pumping out the breed of telemarketers who frustrates one to the point of becoming a person that you do not want to be. I am convinced he could teach them a thing or two.